We are leading bankruptcy defence solicitors and have a strong expertise in:

  • defending bankruptcy
  • statutory demands
  • bankruptcy petitions
  • annulments of bankruptcy orders
  • saving the family home
  • defending claims for possession and sale
  • challenging trustees’ costs
  • advising on IVAs

We provide a complete advisory service on all aspects of bankruptcy law, including advice on the pros and cons of bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA’s). We provide tailored solutions for our clients faced with significant debt problems in their personal and business affairs.

We are specialist bankruptcy advisers and can take you through all aspects of bankruptcy and discuss how to protect your assets, including your family home and how to defend bankruptcy by discussing the various defences with you.

Bankruptcy is a draconian process and you should be aware of the consequences if you are either contemplating or being threatened with bankruptcy. It is imperative that you take sound advice early on from a specialist to avoid the many pitfalls.

We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace as we do not represent trustees in bankruptcy, being committed to saving the family home.  Our clients have the comfort of knowing that we are truly on their side which also avoids the perception of a possible conflict of interest, particularly as most other bankruptcy solicitors act for trustees.

Please telephone us on 020 7889 0100 if you wish to discuss your case or alternatively, we can be contacted via e-mail.