Leading Expert Bankruptcy Solicitors

We are leading bankruptcy solicitors and specialise in:

  • defending bankruptcy claims
  • defending statutory demands
  • defending bankruptcy petitions
  • obtaining annulments of bankruptcy orders
  • saving the family home
  • defending claims for possession and sale brought by trustees in bankruptcy
  • challenging trustees and their solicitors' costs
  • advising on IVAs and alternative options
  • advising on protecting your assets, including your home
  • Negotiating with the HMRC for time to pay arrangements regarding large tax bills

We advise on all aspects of bankruptcy law, including whether you should go bankrupt and providing advice on the pros and cons of bankruptcy, annulments of bankruptcy orders, appealing bankruptcy orders, defending possession claims and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA’s). In essence, we assist those facing debt problems by taking you through all the options to bankruptcy.

A question a large number of people ask themselves is "should I go bankrupt"?

However, most people do not fully appreciate the dangers and disadvantages of declaring themselves bankrupt and it is imperative that you take expert bankruptcy advice early on from a specialist to avoid the problems associated with bankruptcy as all of a bankrupt's assets are lost to the Official Receiver upon the making of a bankruptcy order. This could include the family home!

Please telephone us if you require bankruptcy advice.