West London Law Solicitors

West London Law is a leading firm of litigation solicitors with an expertise in resolving civil and commercial legal disputes.

We appear in the Guide to the World's Best Lawyers where we are described as being “relentless in achieving the best outcome” for our clients.

We are also ranked as one of the country's leading bankruptcy solicitors and have an unrivalled reputation for defending bankruptcy petitions and obtaining annulments of bankruptcy orders (cancellations of bankruptcy orders) in addition to successfully litigating against trustees and solicitors’ to reduce their bills of costs.  We do not act for trustees so that our clients can be rest assured that we are truly committed to fighting their corner and protecting the family home.

We are renowned for going the extra mile and winning.  We offer an initial free 15 minute consultation to new clients and fixed fees to ensure we provide exceptional value.

We have Solicitors that specialise in the following:

Annulments of Bankruptcy ordersSolicitor's Negligence
Defending BankruptcyBusiness Disputes
Protecting the Family HomeProperty Disputes
Challenging Trustees’ CostsBuilding and Construction Disputes
Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)Fraud