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We are a boutique commercial litigation practice situated in the heart of Mayfair with expertise in bankruptcy and insolvency related litigation, professional negligence, property related and commercial and contract disputes.

The founder and managing director, Gurvir Birang set up the practice 15 years ago when he was only three years qualified and switched from acting for the Indian banks to bringing claims against large institutions and defending bankruptcy claims.

His reputation, especially in the Asian business community led him to being retained by some of the world’s largest Asian faith institutions and several prominent entrepreneurs, business award winners and former heads of state.

He has since built up an impressive global network of high net worth clients. Our firm continues to grow under his guidance and unrivalled commitment to truly serving clients and the pursuit to being the best.

Some of our high net worth clients often instruct us to provide second opinions and to manage and oversee large scale litigation undertaken by city practices as their entrusted advisers.

Defending Bankruptcy

Defending Bankruptcy We can help you if you are at threat of being declared bankrupt as we are expert...

Annulment of Bankruptcy Orders

We are expert bankruptcy solicitors and can help you to obtain an annulment of your bankruptcy order. We can...

Challenging Trustees Costs

We specialise in challenging trustees’ costs.  We scrutinise the manner in which trustees’ costs are incurred

Why WLL Solicitors

We are known as a leading boutique debt restructuring, bankruptcy insolvency litigation practice being based in the heart of Mayfair. We have been ranked in Chambers Partners for 2015, 2016 and 2017 as the go-to Bankruptcy Defence Solicitors in the UK.

Our clients who are involved in litigation say they instruct us as they think they are best placed to win with us assisting them.

We are regarded as a leading Bankruptcy Insolvency Solicitors practice based in the heart of Mayfair. We have been ranked in Chambers Partners for 2015, 2016 and 2017 as the go-to WLL Solicitors have a strong reputation for insolvency litigation work including defending bankruptcy petitions and obtaining annulments of bankruptcy orders.

WLL Solicitors are experts in defending claims brought by trustees in bankruptcy and liquidators of companies.

  • ‘I was impressed with the efficiency, speed, knowledge and support received from WLL Solicitors.  I had made an initial enquiry in the evening around 6pm and received a call back within an hour.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Birang and the company.  They were supportive and knowledgeable.’

    P Easen

  • ‘ The service I received from West London Law was good.

     Mr Birang has expertise in the area and is very good at picking up points to raise as a defence to proceedings.

     I was very happy with the overall service provided.’

    Moni Kaur

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