We are leading expert debt and bankruptcy solicitors and specialise in negotiating HMRC unpaid tax bills.

We can help you by negotiating these directly with the HMRC on your behalf and by entering into time to pay arrangements. We work with expert accountants to challenge and dispute HMRC tax bills to bring down the amount being claimed.

You should be very careful to enter into a settlement with the HMRC as quickly as possible as most people release equity from their properties to pay outstanding tax bills. This however is not possible once a bankruptcy petition has been issued as this triggers off entries at the Land Registry preventing you from releasing equity or re-mortgaging your properties.

We can also help you with your debt situation by you avoiding expensive loan sharks.

Most people mistakenly think that if they pay the tax bill after being made bankrupt they can reverse the bankruptcy, which is often not the case. We, as expert bankruptcy solicitors, are here to help you by providing you with excellent bankruptcy advice and we may also be able to refer you to expert accountants to challenge your tax bill.