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Are you involved in a property dispute, is ownership of a property an issue?

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How we can help you

We specialise in property disputes, including ownership disputes.

We help clients who require expert property litigation solicitors resolve a dispute which has arisen. Disputes involving properties often arise when parties make competing claims in relation to the ownership of a property, be it a home, or an investment property. We are specialist litigation solicitors and therefore well placed to resolve a property dispute quickly without clients racking up excessive amounts on legal costs.

We can help you effectively resolve the following :

  • Boundary disputes
  • Disputes over financial interests in property (Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996)
  • Excessive Service Charge Disputes
  • Inheritance Claims Involving Properties
  • Leasehold enfranchisement for both landlords and long leaseholders
  • Mortgage disputes
  • Planning permission disputes
  • Professional Negligence involving Purchasing Property
  • Property Ownership Disputes
  • Wills and Probate Disputes Involving Homes and Properties

How we look to resolve your dispute

We specialise in property disputes, including land and ownership disputes.

We assist clients involved in property litigation resolve their disputes.  We are routinely instructed where parties dispute various interests and properties and consider legal concepts such as, resulting and constructive trusts, which basically unable a party to assert a in official interest in the property despite the property not being in their names. For example, if a parent lends money to their child to purchase a property, the parent may be able to claim that they have an interest in that property by their being a resulting trust.  A constructive trust may arise whereby a party relies upon specific representations made by the owner for example, and in reliance upon those representations acts towards his or her detriment and by so doing is able to successfully claim an interest in that property. We also advise on declarations of trusts of beneficial interests which are legal documents which record the legal owner and stating that the legal owner, named on the title deeds, holds the property on trust for certain beneficiaries. We also advise on trust litigation and trusts generally, which often are formed to declare the ultimate owners in a separate document. We also become involved in disputes involving partners and partnership property and in cases where one of the owners wish to sell a property despite the other owner objecting to the sale. The court in such circumstances allows the dissenting party to purchase the co-owner’s interest, or likewise, failing which the property be permitted to be sold on the open market and the proceeds divided amongst the owners according to their respective shares in the property.

Unfortunately, disputes involving properties are quite common in family type situations or in business partnerships and it is advisable for those who may end up in a dispute to obtain proper legal advice in relation to their rights and duties they can implement a strategy early on with a view to defusing the situation before the matter ends up protracted and costly litigation.

Why Choose Us

We are seasoned litigators and have a reputation for ending a dispute quickly and cost-effectively. We provide no nonsense advice.

We focus on the solution and not the problem.

We are able to effectively resolve civil and commercial disputes including property related and property ownership disputes. We understand that the client does not wish to be involved in expensive litigation which carries the danger of spiralling litigation costs and uncertainties.

We therefore focus on resolving a dispute through skilful and structured negotiation, ensuring that the strengths of our client's case are put forward in an effective manner so that the opponent's mind is focused on the risks of litigating.

It is important to obtain specialist legal advice from an expert property disputes solicitor early on to ensure any legal costs are kept to a minimum.

Funding and Solicitor's Costs

We are able to talk you through the best options for you which include:

  • Fixed Costs Consultations
  • Fixed Fees
  • Staged Engagements (where scope of engagement is defined)
  • No-Win No-Fee Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA)
  • Funding Options - Litigation Finance and Funding
  • Adverse Costs Insurance - ATE Funding
  • Debt Based Agreements (DBA) - contingency style arrangements

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