Professional Negligence Claim against Architects

We are specialists in bringing claims against professionals who have provided poor advice to clients causing them financial, mental and emotional distress and loss.

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What is a professional negligence claim against an architect?

Architects, being so heavily involved in the initial stages of any building project and needing to collaborate closely with their clients to see work done through to their completion, are instrumental in determining the success of a project.

An architect being negligent can cause substantial financial losses for clients and, this can occur due to poor design, use of unsuitable materials, failure to adhere to relevant regulations, and providing poor advice.

We recognise that negligence by an architect can cause more than mere financial harm, as clients can often be left out of their homes which they have spent years designing and putting their heart and soul into.

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We can help you seek financial compensation for the losses arising from negligence on the part of your architect, with our expert team helping you understand whether the errors made were, in fact, negligent and then consider the best method of pursuing your claim.

We aim to resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively to allow our clients to focus on more productive matters, seeking to avoid expensive court proceedings and achieve necessary recompense at the earliest stage. We exclusively work on resolving all disputes before going to court. This is cost effective for clients and helps speed up a resolution.

We recognise that a large proportion of our clients are busy with heavy work commitments and are therefore agreeable to arranging consultations out of normal business hours.

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