Professional Negligence Claim against Accountants

We are specialists in bringing claims against professionals who have provided poor advice to clients causing them financial, mental and emotional distress and loss.

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What is a professional negligence claim against an accountant?

Claims can be taken out against accountants if you believe that they have breached the duty of care to you by providing you with negligent advice which does not stand up to the professional standard expected. This would apply, for example, where you feel that an accountant has failed to properly advise you on an investment scheme or where a tax return has been incorrectly completed.

We exclusively work on resolving all disputes before going to court. This is cost effective for clients and helps speed up a resolution.

Where an accountant completes work for a client, the work is expected to be of a reasonable standard. Where it is not and causes a client significant financial loss, a claim can be made against the accountant to compensate the client for that loss, including consequential loss he or she may sustain as a result of the poor advice provided. An example is where the accountant caused a loss over a span of years and the client could have reinvested those monies he may have had into other ventures depriving him of lost opportunities and capital appreciation.

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