Negotiating Voluntary Disqualification Undertakings

Director Disqualifications Defence

We are specialists in insolvency litigation and assist directors of companies in defending claims brought against them.

Negotiating Voluntary Disqualification Undertakings

These had been Introduced under the Insolvency Act in 2001. A disqualification undertaking allows you to consent to disqualify yourself and end any further court proceedings.

The key benefits to pursuing this option would be to avoid substantial legal costs and it also acts as an expedited resolution to the matter, as understandably individuals may wish to put these matters behind them as quickly as possible.

However, it is important to receive proper legal advice before making any decision on whether to agree to a voluntary disqualification undertaking. Our expert team can negotiate a voluntary disqualification undertaking and advise you on the risks, including any damage to your long term career options, consequential claims which could be made by the official receiver for a breach of your duties as a director owes fiduciary duties, and claims under the Compensation Act 2015 where former directors can be made liable to personal claims for losses sustained by creditors during liquidation.

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