WLL solicitors are expert litigators situated in the heart of Mayfair.


We assist on most types of commercial litigation by either bringing or defending claims which often involves skillful negotiation in seeking to bring the case to an end as quickly as possible and without costs spiraling out of control.  We undertake work across various subject areas including insolvency and restructuring debt, bankruptcy, professional negligence and in particular solicitors negligence by bringing claims against negligent solicitors, other forms of professional negligence by bringing claims against other professionals for the breach of contract or negligence, property related and ownership disputes, including commercial and business disputes.

We understand that the true cost to clients of litigation is not only the size of their legal bill but the amount of time they spend on the dispute and the negative energy which is created. We therefore aim to resolve the dispute quickly to enable the client to focus on more productive matters.  Our client instructs us as they trust us to bring the dispute to an end quickly and to truly serve their purpose.

WLL Solicitors have ranked as experts in Chambers and partners for several years for their work in High Court litigation involving bankruptcy and insolvency related matters, including defending bankruptcy petitions, negotiating debt, assisting in restructuring debt and obtaining alternative financing, defending claims by trustees in bankruptcy and liquidators of companies, defending director disqualification claims, challenging trustees and liquidators costs.  WLL Solicitors have an excellent network and are able to approach financiers for clients who find themselves in unfortunate times when most lenders are not prepared to lend by taking the time to understand the problem and focus on solutions and the alternatives to refinancing and restructuring debt.