Challenging Trustee’s Costs

We are experts Debt and Bankruptcy advice. We assist clients in defending bankruptcy petitions and annulling (cancelling) bankruptcy orders.

We also defend claims brought by trustees in bankruptcy, particularly against the family home.

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Why choose us?

We specialise in challenging trustees’ costs. We scrutinise the manner in which trustees’ costs are incurred and have dramatically reduced these through the process of settlement discussions, often without the need to proceed with expensive court action.

We routinely write to trustees in bankruptcy and require them to provide us with specific information in relation to their time costs, including breakdowns and supporting time schedules. We then consider these documents carefully and independently assess these costs. We regularly successfully renegotiate these costs without the need for expensive court action and we find that trustees and their legal team very often adopt a sensible stance after we become involved by recognising the need to lower costs significantly.

As part of this negotiation process in reducing trustees and their legal costs, we focus upon the need for the work being carried out, the personnel deployed on the case and the amount of time spent.

Under the current law, only creditors and the bankrupt have a right to challenge a trustees’ remuneration. However, in exceptional circumstances, we also act for the bankrupt’s spouse in bringing a costs challenge where they wish to annul their spouses bankruptcy order and pay the claims and costs of the bankruptcy in full to save the family home.

Funding and Costs

We are able to talk you through the best options for you which include:

  • Fixed Costs Consultations
  • Fixed Fees
  • Staged Engagements (where the scope of engagement is defined)
  • No-Win No-Fee Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA)
  • Funding Options – Litigation Finance and Funding
  • Adverse Costs Insurance – ATE Funding
  • Debt Based Agreements (DBA) – contingency style arrangements

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