Expert Bankruptcy Advice

We are experts in Debt and Bankruptcy advice. We assist clients in defending bankruptcy petitions and annulling (cancelling) bankruptcy orders.

We also defend claims brought by trustees in bankruptcy, particularly against the family home.

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We can help you if you are at threat of being declared bankrupt as we are experts in defending bankruptcy.

We are specialists in providing expert bankruptcy advice and can help you with:

What can we do for you?

Statutory Demands

We specialise in setting aside statutory demands.

If you do not pay or secure the debt within 21 days, then your creditor can present a bankruptcy petition against you to bankrupt you. You have 18 days to set aside the statutory demand. We can help you challenge a statutory demand.

Bankruptcy Petitions

We specialise in defending bankruptcy petitions, a large number of which are presented by the HMRC.

If you do not respond to a statutory demand, the creditor may serve you with a bankruptcy petition. A bankruptcy petition must be served on you by hand, i.e. personal service and you must be given 14 days’ notice of the bankruptcy hearing.

We can help you dispute the debt and defend the bankruptcy petition.

Annulling Bankruptcy Orders

We help clients annul bankruptcy orders made against them. We are expert in Bankruptcy and specialise in successfully annulling bankruptcy orders, which is possible by making certain types of applications to court to annul (cancel) the bankruptcy.

One of the most common applications to annul a bankruptcy order being made is to pay all the creditors in full, which may be possible by negotiating with the official receiver or a trustee in bankruptcy by consenting to a sale of a property by consent. We can advise you on how best to avoid paying significant costs which are often claimed as a result of structuring the transaction in a certain way.

We can also assist if we think that the bankruptcy order ought to not have been made in the first place which is a proper ground to be able to make a successful application to annul a bankruptcy order.

The Bankruptcy Hearing

If you are unable to reach an agreement with your creditors, we can represent you at your bankruptcy hearing.

We can help you by seeking an adjournment of your bankruptcy hearing to enable us further time to properly advise you on how to avoid bankruptcy and the best options available to you to safeguard against bankruptcy.

Funding and Costs

We are able to talk you through the best options for you which include:

  • Fixed Costs Consultations
  • Fixed Fees
  • Staged Engagements (where the scope of engagement is defined)
  • No-Win No-Fee Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA)
  • Funding Options – Litigation Finance and Funding
  • Adverse Costs Insurance – ATE Funding
  • Debt Based Agreements (DBA) – contingency style arrangements

Template Letters

Please feel free to download any of our template letters below, which you may find useful.

Template Letter for Annulment of Bankruptcy Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQ page for questions relating to your Bankruptcy.

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