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Falling behind with HMRC tax bills?

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The problem of people falling behind with their HMRC tax bills effects people from all walks of life even celebrities. It is essential to obtain advice early on so that discussions can be had with regards to negotiating realistic and affordable payment...

Second bite of the cherry!

  • Posted

A wife, who had already been divorced and received a divorce settlement, returned to the Family Law Court this month to make a further claim as she successfully argued that her former husband should pay her additional sums as a result of the poor financial...

Social media to blame to for 1 in 6 divorces

  • Posted

A recent survey has shown that 40% of divorces are caused by Social Media....

Wife receives £453 million in Divorce Settlement in London

  • Posted

The former wife of an oil and gas trader was awarded £453m. It confirms London’s status as the favoured location to bring divorce claims against super-rich spouses. Whilst she attended court her husband gave his evidence to the court via...

Brexit uncertainty may see rise in UK bankruptcy

  • Posted

The current uncertainty arising from Britain’s exit from the European Union may see a rise in people facing bankruptcy in the coming years. Some businesses are downsizing and many others are implementing a hiring freeze. This may lead to an increase in...